History of Hailiang Education

Hailiang Education Management Group (NASDAQ: HLG) is one of the largest primary, middle, and high school educational services providers in China. The company focuses closely on providing “Distinguished, Specialized, and Internationalized” education. Hailiang education is dedicated to providing students with high-quality primary, middle, and high school, and international educational services and highly values the quality of students’ life, study, and development. Hailiang education adapts its education services based upon its students’ individual aptitudes. Hailiang Education is devoted to improving its students’ academic capabilities, cultural accomplishments, and international perspectives. 

Hailiang education operates multilingual classrooms and languages used include Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and French. In addition, Hailiang education has launched various diversified high-quality courses, such as mathematical Olympiad courses, Cambridge international as & a-level courses, Australia Victorian certificate of education (VCE) courses, IELTS courses, TOEFL courses, as well as sat preparation courses. The company has established extensive cooperative relations with more than 200 international educational institutions and universities. Hailiang Education is committed to making great effort to provide its students with greater opportunities to enroll in well-known domestic or international universities to further their education.

  • Hailiang Education was voted as the Strongest Comprehensive Education Group in China.

  • Hailiang Education is ranked among the top ten Widely-Recognized Private School Brands in China.

  • Hailiang Education is ranked among the top ten Most Influential Private Education Brands in China.

  • Hailiang Education is ranked among the top 100 Most Valuable Private Education Brands in china.

  • Hailiang Education is ranked among the top 100 Most Influential Brands in China.

  • Hailiang Education won the distinction of an Outstanding National Private School.

  • Hailiang Education is a part of the National Advanced Collective of Private Schools in China.

  • Hailiang Education is a National Distinguished Model School.

  • Hailiang Education won a national award for the Advancement of Quality Education.

  • Hailiang Education won the award for National Excellence in Foreign Language Experimental Schools

  • Hailiang Education is a National Model School of Youth Science Innovation & Development.