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Translated by Johann Lewis on 2019/11/22

From November 16 to 17, 2019, the second Global Career Development Conference will be held in Shanghai. This conference will be hosted by Vision Connect, the Chinese business development partner of Kuder, Inc. The event will be organized by Dare to Dream (DTD) Education, supported by multiple education platforms and media. The theme of the conference is “reference and integration”, focusing on the development and implementation of career education in China’s international schools.
2019年11月16日至17日,第二届全球职业生涯发展大会(Global Career Development Conference)将在上海举办,本次会议由Kuder中国业务发展合作伙伴Vision Connect主办,德英乐教育协办,多家教育平台和媒体支持。大会以“借鉴与融合”为主题,聚焦职业生涯教育在中国国际化学校的开展与实施。

This GCDC conference invited Mr. ‘Steven’ Zhu Hongsheng, General Manager of International Education Business Department of Hailiang Education Management Group and Principal of Hailiang Foreign Language School. He will give a speech on the theme of “reshaping education and empowering the future” in the career development forum to share how Hailiang Foreign Language School is student-centered and has built a school-wide career development student program from the first year of primary school to the final year of senior of high school.

‘Steven’ Zhu Hongsheng

  • Hailiang Education Management Group
    General Manager of the International Education Division
  • Hailiang Foreign Language School Principal

Principal ‘Steven’ Zhu Hongsheng is an outstanding principal of private education in Zhejiang province, an outstanding CPC Party member, a member of the Professional Committee for Teacher Development of the China Education Development Strategy Society, a recipient of the ‘Key Young Teacher’ award and an overall outstanding educator.

Principal ‘Steven’ Zhu Hongsheng has been deeply involved in basic education, international education, education and training, teacher training, study abroad business, school management and other major education fields for 19 years. He has in-depth research on the construction of China’s 12-year consistent bilingual education system and the integration of multi-system international courses. He also has unique viewpoints and excellent practical experience in building an international education suitable for Chinese students.

Since 2012, Principal ‘Steven’ Zhu Hongsheng has advocated the concept of “future education” based on the complete development and lifelong development of human beings. Taking “education for the future” as his educational mission, taking “cultivating world citizens with Chinese literacy, understanding of world rules and vision for the future” as his educational goal, and based on the educational dream of “people of the future”, Principal Zhu leads his team in educational concepts, educational goals, and teaching systematic reform. Under his guidance, a three-dimensional educational system has been constructed and carried out, which encompasses curriculum, teaching, assessment, school culture, and more. Taking the lead in implementing a 12-year high-quality customized education system based upon the idea of “one student, one curriculum; one person, one plan”, Principal Zhu has created a large-scale educational framework which is based on “growth, diversification, and personalization”. In doing this, Principal Zhu has perfectly solved the conflict between Chinese and International educational ideology and curriculum implementation, which has resulted in high recognition from both parents and the wider society.

President ‘Steven’ Zhu Hongsheng, in his busy schedule, sent his expectations and wishes for this GCDC conference:

I am very glad to be invited to speak at the second Global Career Development Conference to introduce my understanding of career education and the implementation of career courses in Hailiang Foreign Language School. Many people pay close attention to the “one student, one curriculum; one life, one plan” concept of Hailiang Foreign Language School. Actually, our ancestors put forward the education idea of teaching students according to their aptitude very early. I express it in a modern way as the idea and direction of school career education.

For the growth and development of children, each family has its own ideas, each child has his or her own potential, and then these children have their own thoughts when they grow up. If these factors are combined, without a systematic plan, the student’s potential, dreams and ideals will likely be squandered by the standard timetable, standard system and standard assessment in our traditional education. I think school should not be a place to enforce standards, but a platform to help children and a place for children to form their own standards. Therefore, I hope to guide children to find their own way slowly through “one student, one curriculum; one life, one plan”. The path must be laid out, not kept obscure, especially the children’s life path.

From the school level to the teachers, we all advocate “teaching for the future” – not only to serve the students’ present needs, but also to serve the students’ future needs as well. For this reason, we have carried out overall reform in the management system and management mode of the whole school. From the Principal’s office to the offices of each and every department, we have become the research and service departments, the support departments for teachers and children’s families, rather than an authoritative leading department. We send our teachers out to participate in all aspects of training, especially in the field of career planning. At the same time, we also introduce various resources of the school to help our teachers and students broaden their horizons, understand the developmental trends of the modern era, and with the help of the school’s career courses and career planning tools. These all work collectively to help students choose their own disciplines and extracurricular activities, so as to better promote their studies and prepare them for their future careers. At this conference, I will introduce—in detail—the experience and details of promoting career development education in Hailiang Foreign Language School.

The start of the second Global Career Development Conference is coming soon. This conference is to entice more people to pay attention to career education, our generation’s children and positioning children to be best prepared for the future. No one knows what will happen in the future, and how long all current industries and occupations will exist. If we don’t look at their education in a forward-looking way, the people we cultivate will have their chosen careers eliminated in the future sooner or later.

Our lives are lives of constant positioning of our own careers. The education our children receive, the knowledge they learn, the intelligence quotient, the EQ, the inverse quotient they develop, etc. are to prepare for all the challenges in the future – our education is, after all, a career education. So, I call on more education administrators and educators to join the GCDC conference. I also hope that the experts of this conference can entice more people to pay attention to our career education and children’s future. Here, I wish GCDC, the second Global Career Development Conference, to be a complete success!


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As the China business development partner of Kuder, the world’s leading career planning organization, Vision Connect focuses on serving international schools in China, providing a full range of career planning solutions for schools from career awareness, career assessment, career exploration, career courses to parent education, teacher training, curriculum, education planning and other dimensions.
作为世界领先职业生涯规划机构Kuder的中国业务发展合作伙伴,Vision Connect专注于服务中国的国际化学校,从职业认知、职业测评、职业探索、职业生涯课程,到家长教育、老师培训、课程设置、教育规划等多个维度,为学校提供全方位的职业生涯规划解决方案。

Since its establishment, Vision Connect has provided K-12 career planning and guidance overall solutions for dozens of international schools in China, helping nearly 20 thousand Chinese students “set their lofty ideals and plans into practice”. In order to further promote the development of career education in China, this conference will focus on “the development and implementation of career education in international schools”. More than 20 education and career development experts from all over the world will be invited to share the development of career education around the world and the specific implementation in schools. Hereby, you are invited to join us!
自成立至今,Vision Connect已为数十所中国的国际化学校提供了K-12职业生涯规划与指导整体解决方案,帮助近两万名中国学生“立鸿鹄之志,谋定而笃行”。为进一步推动职业生涯教育在中国的发展,本次大会将聚焦“职业生涯教育在国际化学校的开展与实施”,将邀请来自世界各地的20多位教育和职业发展专家,分享职业生涯教育在全球各地的发展及在学校里的具体实施,特此邀请您前来共襄盛举!


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