Principal’s Message 校长寄语

Welcome to Hailiang Foreign Language School! 欢迎来到海亮外国语学校!

In today’s world, incredible changes are taking place every day: in politics, in the economy, in culture, in science and in technology… There’s no way not to be amazed by this!
当今世界每一天都在发生着不可思议的变化,政治、经济、文化、科技 ……无处不令我们惊叹!

The future has arrived and our vision for the future is boundless. At the same time, we are constantly thinking about how education should adapt and change for the future. We know and understand that good education must keep pace with the times, and in our rapidly-changing environment, it is even more important for us to make faster and greater advancements to the field of education. It is only by embracing this culture of consistent change that we can prepare ourselves and our students to adapt for the future, no matter what it may bring.

In our valiant exploration to advance the field of education, we attempt to give a deeper meaning to the term ‘modern education’.



Founded in 1995, Hailiang Foreign Language School has become a global community with more than 4,000 teachers and students hailing from over 20 countries.


Throughout over 20 years of effort, we have educated tens of thousands of excellent students. Now, our graduates have spread throughout the world, becoming excellent global citizens and outstanding leaders who have a truly international mindset. Living to their fullest potential, they have dedicated their strengths and their talents to the development of society and the world!


Hailiang Foreign Language School takes the concept of “education for the future” as its educational mission. Our school strives to explore the “future of education” as we work to develop a “school for the world”. Our global team of professional educators are dedicated to innovation, cultivating the educational development of every child, and guiding every student, whether Chinese or international, to “learn for the future”. We strive to ensure our students become global citizens with a vision for the future, but still adhere to our four core values of Responsibility, Gratitude, Compassion, and Endeavor. And when it comes to our Chinese students, we especially strive to ensure that they have a global outlook while maintaining their Chinese characteristics.


Here, each member of our staff is dedicated to caring for both the education and the overall development of the students. Our educators strive to provide each student with a superior learning environment, educational resources, and extracurricular opportunities that allow students to discover their innate talents and unlock their full potential, giving them the freedom to create the future of their dreams.


Hailiang Foreign Language School works closely with highly-regarded educational institutions and educators. We welcome everyone who wants to become future leaders to join us!


-Steven Zhu (朱红胜